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A definite "must visit"?.
Source: "Bombay Times"
Friday 17th.November 1995

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A definite must visit. Unpretentious, good value and reliable food. Francis Kuok and Anu Bakshi run a tight ship and keep an eagle eye on the food and service, ever since they opened beginning of this year.

Girish Pradhan, a senior IAS officer is a regular here and recommends its Honey Chicken (Rs.120) as well as the Hot Pot. Its such a relief to be able to get consistently good food at reasonable prices and not have to visit five star hotels, he said. Happily, for me I got invited here by an adventurous gourmet, who after much trying and tasting treats the place like his office dining room. The charming brass Hot Pot (Rs.220) was served chock-a-block with meats and veggies in clear chicken soup. It was delicious and made a perfect healthful and satisfying working lunch for two. But our gourmet ordered three portions of Sui Chiao (Rs. 75) A portion of Prawn Wontons, chicken ones and veggies ones too, he said matter-of-factly, totally unaware of the faint look on the waiters face, as he mumbled too much. I have to admit that I?m glad he ordered what he did, because the stuffing in the thin skins was steamed to perfection. As we hurriedly munched our way through the afternoon, our gourmet eyed a portion of golden crisp wontons being served at the neighbouring table and couldn?t resist ordering the same. And again the waiter?s disbelieving looks were ignored and one more time, it was delicious. I was glad my companion was right in ordering what he did. But then he?s always right.

     Copyright 2007, Fa Yian

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