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No doubt, Delhites, fond of eating....
Source: "Eating Out"
November-December 1994

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No doubt, Delhites, fond of eating out have their favourite hangouts, but they never stop trying food at other upcoming establishments. Fa Yian at Connaught Place invites Oriental food fans to discover further variations in Chinese cuisine.

Since the location is amidst shops and small business establishments, one can easily miss Fa Yian. Fa Yian in Chinese means a small garden, so greenery and a green hue dominates the simple frills within a confined yet cosy interior.

They have dim lights but to save on electricity they use the natural light as long as the sun shines. This lends a homely atmosphere to the restaurant unlike other eateries where lighting creates an artificial ambience.

The menu is different for lunch and dinner. Both the menus have variety to offer in vegetables, prawn, fish, lamb and chicken dishes. Prawn crackers are complimentary with every soup order. The sauces are prepared in the restaurant itself and each dish is served with a special sauce. The lunch menu caters to quick bites and mini meals. The Fa Yian special lunch (Veg. Rs. 60, Non-Veg. Rs. 70) inclusive of a soup, fried rice, chowmein, spring roll and one gravy dish is an instant option during weekdays. The dinner menu is more elaborate with Fa Yian specialities (Rs.90-180), appetizers (Rs. 30-180) and other dishes.

The contemporary trend is to eat food light on calories but nutritious. Fa Yians cuisine follows the trend and has specialized on steamed food. They will deep fry your order only if you specify. The food tastes good and doesn?t fall heavy on the stomach so one prefers to have it the way Fa Yian serves it.

The dessert and beverage section has a limited fare. Sundaes (Rs.50) or ice-creams (Rs.35) are perfect epilogues. Fa Yian iced tea, Jasmine tea, cold coffee and aerated drinks constitute the beverage section.

Hot pot is an important gadget for cooking authentic Chinese dishes. Here one gets an electric hot pot to prepare those memorable meals. If you can?t come personally, you can avail of the take away services.

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