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This tiny eatery in Connaught Place....
Source: "Bombay Times"
Friday 26th.July 1996

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This tiny eatery in Connaught Place is a must for those looking for authentic and reasonably priced Chinese food. And this one we've eaten at, several times, unlike the earlier ones, which we visited only once. And Francis Kuok and Anu Bakshi have recently introduced a three course fixed lunch for Rs. 100 (which we didn't try) and a delicious Lychee with Lemon Chicken and Smoked Chicken, which we did try. All served up in a sparse and tidy but comfortable 40 seater eatery with green plants. Their Fa Yian Hot Pot (Rs.220 for the choice of non veg) is a hot favourite with my guide and host who takes me there all the time. Meltingly soft dumplings (Sui Chiao Rs. 75) dunked in garlic soya sauce are another absolute must. Actually, we have sampled quite a wide cross section and found most of it very good be it Jee Bow Har (paper wrapped prawns served with oyster dip at Rs. 120) or Chilli Chicken (Rs.90) or Honey Potato (Rs.80). They even do an interesting Lychee Ice Cream (Rs.45) and keep adding to their simply printed, no frills menu card.


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