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Chinese can't taste better
Source: "The Delhi City"

This tiny eatery in Connaught Place....
Source: "Bombay Times"
Friday 26th.July 1996

Situated inconspicuously in the middle circle of Connaught Place, it is small, low-profile, clean, with a distinctive edge in cuisine....
Source: "Outlook"
27th.March 1996

Tasty meals amid tasteful decor
Source: "Here Delhi"
January-February 1996

A definite "must visit"?.
Source: "Bombay Times"
Friday 17th.November 1995

Fa Yian opts for a menu list that comprises of nothing but absolute gems
Source: "Voyage"
January 1995

No doubt, Delhites, fond of eating....
Source: "Eating Out"
November-December 1994

Chinese with a difference
Source: "The Pioneer"
Sunday, October 30, 1994

A quaint little place tucked away in the backstreets of Connaught Place...
Source : First City
October 1994

A new Chinese restaurant...
Source: "India Today"
October 1994

You'll find that true taste of China captured to perfection at Fa Yian.
Source: Inner Circle (Brochure for HongKong Bank Credit Card Holder) Vol.3 No.1.

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