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The Fa Yian Hot Pot, is a meal-in-itself. Mouth-melting soft dumplings, Sui Chiao stuffed with chicken/vegetables, dipped in soya garlic sauce are an absolute must. Mah Mee soup, a clear broth with chicken/prawn/vegetables  has a distinct presence. Steamed Fish with just a hint of ginger and black beans, has a dimension all its own. Steamed noodles  (chicken or vegetable) is a singular dish. The mixed vegetables  are crisp giving the dish both flavour and body.  Honey Chicken/ Potato are an absolute try-must.  A definite note  to end on is the date toffee ice-cream.

The success in part lies in the owners? commitment to quality. Organic produce arrives fresh daily in the form of vegetables and free range eggs from our farm. Noodles and sauces are prepared in-house, every morning.The knowledge, instinctive understanding and feel for flavours and combinations flows through our preparations. Emphasis on customer satisfaction by way of one of the owners always being on site to ensure standards of cleanliness and hygiene during food preparation, make Fa Yian a definite must visit. Guests should feel free to request Anu for advice on recommending dishes and adjusting spices to cater to their preferences. A dedicated duo who keep an eagle eye on food and service makes Fa Yian a great family place for the connoisseur, where subtle flavours and a light touch of authentic Chinese cuisine are worth travelling miles for. Here you can regale your taste buds with a superb selection of seafood, choice of meats and garden fresh vegetables - all cooked the moment you order. What is so special about the food, you may ask? - its different! We at Fa Yian have a light hand on the oil keeping in mind the contemporary trend for food that is light on calories yet nutritious.
Bon Appetit !

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