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Fa Yian means 'a garden in an enclosed space' in chinese. Started in 1992, an elegant yet simple decor carries over to the well planned, streamlined menu which offers food rich in flavour - each dish having a distinct character. Tucked behind a soothing facade of bamboo greens, in the backlanes of Connaught Place (located behind ICICI Bank in A Block) lies a delightful, clean and tastefully decorated 65 seater restaurant.

Fa Yian: a must eat for those looking for authentic & reasonably priced Chinese food. Though the restaurant is small, there is a feeling of space, of openness. A lot of thought has gone into each element to make a simple integrated whole: using skills honed from running a variety of take-out establishments, the owners have created an absolute genius of niche marketing at its finest - at Fa Yian everything is unique and handpicked because it is the very best.

     Copyright 2007, Fa Yian

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